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1GServers Leverages Ubersmith Software for Efficient Operations, High Customer Satisfaction

By January 26, 2021June 8th, 2023One Comment

Company has grown five times its size over the past five years

NEW YORK, Jan. 26, 2021 — 1GServers’ success formula of automating to optimize efficiency combined with delivering the best possible customer service has propelled the company to grow five times its size over the past five years. From its start in 2012, 1GServers has used the Ubersmith business management software suite as the central nervous system of its operations and cornerstone of its strategy to optimize business operations.

“By having Ubersmith’s software help us automate, streamline and speed up our operations, we provide a better customer experience. The testimony to our success formula is in our growth. Everything we do here is aimed at better supporting our customers,” said Brandon Wade, CEO and founder of 1GServers.

The company offers custom-built dedicated server clusters for the most demanding workloads with advanced support included. Today, it’s possible for 1GServers to automatically deploy servers for a customer in 20 minutes. 1GServers is based in Phoenix and serves customers all over the world.

“Ubersmith’s powerful API enables us to automate most of our operations. There are few things we haven’t automated at this point. Our goal is to automate all aspects of our operations to the fullest extent possible and rely upon humans only where needed. This greatly reduces our exposure to human error and increases our ability to deliver a larger number of services without the need for expanding our workforce. This strategy provides us the ability to offer more competitive pricing and allows our workforce to focus on where they matter most, in customer relations,” said Wade.

“Ubersmith’s software has been critical in helping us accomplish our company goals. It’s what customers interact with when they log on to our website, and it is the central hub of activity with regard to our daily operations,” added Wade. “Ubersmith’s software is at the heart of our business.”

The Ubersmith software is used for billing services, maintaining customer profile information, device management, bandwidth billing, and support ticketing. Through the API, 1GServers also was able to integrate payment processing for crypto-currency payments via Bitcoin.

“The integration between Ubersmith’s capabilities and third-party software and services it connects with reduces our burden of having to stitch together separate standalone systems and fits perfectly with our quest to eliminate complexity,” said Wade.

As part of its customer service and to help avoid surprises, the Ubersmith software is instrumental in enabling 1GServers to provide customers with real-time information on their bandwidth usage.

“1GServers has done a fantastic job leveraging the capabilities of Ubersmith and augmenting those through integration with other software to run lean business operations while delivering high levels of customer service,” said Kurt Daniel, CEO of Ubersmith. “We’re pleased to partner with the 1GServers team and see their growth – in number of customers, revenue, people, and size of IT operations.”

About 1GServers
1GServers is an infrastructure as a service provider, which offers dedicated servers, dedicated server clusters as well as co-location services to customers from all around the world. With dedicated expert system administrators on staff, 1GServers takes pride in providing quality service and support. For more information, please visit

About Ubersmith
Ubersmith is a leader in subscription management software for the cloud and beyond. Headquartered in New York, Ubersmith provides billing, infrastructure and ticketing solutions that are open, scalable and integrated. Organizations worldwide rely on Ubersmith to better serve their customers and better run their businesses. Ubersmith customers include DataBank, Endurance, GMO, Grafana, Namecheap, NS1, T5 and WOW.

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