Changelog 4.5.0

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Important Notice

Please note that the following API methods, introduced in 4.0 and deprecated in 4.1.2, have now
been removed:

  • client.service_price_add
  • client.service_price_update
  • client.service_price_list
  • client.service_price_get
  • client.service_price_delete

If you are currently using one of those API methods, you will now have to use the client.service_price_set and client.service_price_changes_list API methods.
Client Manager

  • Added 3-D Secure 2.0 (SCA/PSD2) support for the following payment gateways: PaySafe, PayPal Payments (Express Checkout NVP only), Braintree, and Stripe
  • Added a new “Usage Price” column when adding a Rate Plan in the Service Plan Details page, for which values will be treated as modifiers to usage costs on service renewals (intended for Post-renew, usage-based services only)
  • Added date range filters to the /admin/config/log.php debug page

Device Manager

  • Added support for Dell iDRAC 8 Enterprise under IPMI Information device module

Plugins & API

  • Added missing documentation of privacy parameter for client.domain_register API method, and changed the default registration date to the current date instead of defaulting it to zero in some cases


  • Added a new “Company” column to the Service Status Details report, and renamed the “Type” column to “Service Plan”


  • Fixed text wrapping issues in Advanced Search results page on Chrome and Safari
  • Improved handling of errors in asynchronous UI, which could lead to unhelpful HTTP 500 errors

Client Manager

  • Fixed a bug where a newly created contact role assignable by a client would not show up in the Client Portal
  • Fixed incorrect BIN parsing of some Discover and Maestro UK credit cards

Support Manager

  • Fixed sanitizing of inbound emails subject lines to protect against XSS attempts

Order Manager

  • Fixed the ##quote_url## placeholder in the Send Templated Email order module to display the correct URL
  • Fixed proration calculations in an order to match invoice generation calculations and use midnight instead of current time
  • Fixed issues when processing an auth/capture through Order Manager and Authorize.Net
  • Fixed “invalid charge function specified” error which would show up with certain Order Form configurations when using custom payment types

Plugins & API

  • Fixed a bug in client.domain_add where in some cases passed parameters would be ignored
  • Fixed a bug where client.service_list would only return metadata if a client_id was specified
  • Improved handling of boolean metadata value sent through various API methods in form of 1/0 or true/false
  • Fixed a concurrency issue with client.invoice_generate API method by properly locking invoice generation process to avoid duplicate invoices being created
  • The QuickBooks Online Exporter plugin will now correctly allow a user to use the sandbox environment
  • User viewable plugin now correctly renders on the Service Details page in the Client Portal


  • The Ticket Event Log report will now correctly reset filters when clicking on the link from the left menu in the Report Manager