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Avalo Networks

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Knoxville, TN

Use Case:

Billing, sales, and customer service management

How we helped

Increased Productivity and Time Savings

Employees were able to easily track any contract’s status in order to quickly provision new services ordered.

Beter Sales Experiences

Using the product’s sales quoting feature, the company was able to rapidly respond to customer requests and fulfill orders.

Increased Efficiency

The automation found in the product allowed the company to set up a system that needed no employee intervention.

Access to Actionable Insights

Easy access to customer data at all stages of the customer life-cycle.

Expanded Data Security

The company was able to increase the security of their customer’s data.


Avalo Networks is radically transforming communications delivery so that service providers thrive with superior economics, feature-set, and control. The Avalo Voice Platform provides a zero-CAPEX, high-margin, low-risk solution, and is designed specifically to meet the full range of voice requirements for service providers.

The zero-failure platform enables cable, fixed, and mobile service providers to launch the most innovative and profitable VoIP services available. The company’s single-source approach and cloud-based service delivery model result in a lower total cost of ownership and a clear business case for VoIP. The turnkey wholesale solution enables cable, mobile, telco, and other broadband providers to rapidly launch and profit from residential and business VoIP services.

“Ubersmith is at the core of Avalo Networks. Our entire business runs on it, and Ubersmith has allowed our company to do a lot more without having to add more resources. The product has allowed us to easily manage a scalable cloud infrastructure and has contributed to our continued growth.”

Alex SkaaleradPresident

The Challenge

As a start-up, Avalo Networks needed a very secure and reliable way to manage contracts as well as a billing system that was robust and flexible. The company also needed a system that would allow them to do customer management in order to establish them as a premier brand in the mind of their customers and in their industry. Additionally, the ideal solution would also have network management capabilities that they could leverage. As a small team starting up, Avalo Networks needed a solution that they could effortlessly get up and running quickly and that would grow with the company.

The Solution

The accomplished management team at Avalo Networks had previous experience with the Ubersmith solution at other companies. They realized that a key factor in the success of any company starting up was to have a strong business management platform. There was no question for the Avalo Networks team that Ubersmith was the product that could deliver a robust, reliable business management solution that would allow them to streamline their business so they could hit the ground running.

The Results

Every team member at Avalo Networks uses Ubersmith in one way or another. From the accounting team to the sales team to executive management – the Ubersmith product is embedded in every aspect of the company.

Even though Avalo started out as a small team, they were able to be more productive by streamlining and automating tasks ranging from billing to support ticketing. They knew they had a dependable billing solution that would keep the company’s information protected. From previous experience, they recognized that Ubersmith’s business management solution was built with the highest level of security in mind to keep their customer data safe at all times. In addition, the CRM aspects of the product helped the Avalo Networks team track sales better and stay on top of growth while at the same time delivering outstanding customer service.

Ubersmith’s in-depth documentation has also helped Avalo Networks’ tech team to build out their roadmap and to discover how they can customize the product to their needs via the API. Furthermore, when there are any technical questions, the Ubersmith support team has been able to provide help immediately, even suggesting new approaches that help Avalo Networks deliver the superior services their customers have become accustomed to.