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URGENT: Required patch available for Ubersmith

By May 28, 2014February 4th, 2021No Comments

Ubersmith - URGENT: Required patch available for Ubersmith


The Ubersmith development team has determined that the file originally provided will not function properly for versions of Ubersmith older than 2.3.x.

If you have a 2.2 or older installation you need to patch, use this file:

The SHA256 hash for this file is:

Today, Ubersmith’s development team discovered that the mechanism we use to enforce valid licensing tokens will cease to function on June 1st, 2014; this coming Sunday. Without the update described below, this issue will render your installation of Ubersmith inaccessible.This update is required for all Ubersmith versions.

Applying the Patched File
The updated file is available as a download from
[this version is no longer in use]

The SHA256 sum for this file is:

Download / copy this file to your Ubersmith server. This file can be decompressed using the following command:
gunzip class.uberlicense_enforcer.php.gz

This will create a file ‘class.uberlicense_enforcer.php’. Prior to applying the patch, you will want to ensure your Ubersmith host is running the latest ionCube loaders. It is possible that the ionCube loaders on your Ubersmith host will be too old to decode the patched file provided. To determine this, run the following command:

php class.uberlicense_enforcer.php

You may see a message similar to the following:
[…] The file class.uberlicense_enforcer.php cannot be decoded by this version of the ionCube Loader.

If you encounter this error, see the section below: ‘Upgrading ionCube’. If no error is returned, copy the file into place. To do this, run:
cp class.uberlicense_enforcer.php /var/www/
where ‘/var/www/’ is the path of your Ubersmith installation. You may or may not be prompted to verify that you want to overwrite an existing file. If so, choose ‘yes’. This completes the patch application process. No further action is required.

Upgrading ionCube
The latest ionCube loaders (at present, v4.6.1) and instructions on how to update them can always be downloaded for free from:

You will need to restart Apache after updating the ionCube loaders.

We apologize for the extremely short notice of this update; unfortunately we only became aware of the issue this morning. Please note that this update is not security related; it is strictly tied to the normal functionality of the license validation component of Ubersmith. If you encounter any difficulties updating your installation, please email ‘‘ for assistance.