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Ubersmith Subscription Business Software Helps Maxihost in Brazil Optimize Customer Experience and Operations

By June 27, 2018August 18th, 2022No Comments

Maxihost, one of the fastest-growing dedicated server and co-location providers in Brazil, optimizes its customers’ experience by using subscription business management software from Ubersmith, an INAP (NASDAQ: INAP) company, as the backbone of its operations. This, plus integration with other products, has enabled Maxihost to decrease the time it takes to provision a dedicated server for a customer from a manual 24-hour process to an automated 15-minute deployment.

Ubersmith’s software plays a major role for Maxihost in delivering fast and reliable services, including order tracking, workflow provisioning, account management, billing, resource monitoring and inventory management.

Integration of Ubersmith and other programs provides additional streamlining of operations. That includes integration by Maxihost between Ubersmith and Boleto, a popular payment method in Brazil, Braintree for e-commerce payments and PayPal.
Additionally, Maxihost has integrated with Klipfolio for key performance indicators (KPIs), Pipefy for businesss process management (BPM), Zendesk for help desk ticketing, Basecamp for team collaboration and project management, as well as Control, an in-house developed client portal.

“With Ubersmith, our service delivery to customers is much faster as well as more consistent due to fewer human errors,” said Eduardo Alberto, chief technology officer, Maxihost. “We’ve saved countless hours in repetitive tasks, increasing our productivity and helping us deliver higher levels of customer experience.”

Inventory tracking is more reliable now, plus billing is more accurate with the ability to manage customer billing however necessary, such as billing in different currencies like the Brazilian Real and/or the U.S. dollar.

“Maxihost is a great example of how to streamline business operations to deliver superior customer service and take advantage of our subscription business software and open platform,” said Kurt Daniel, chief executive officer of Ubersmith. “The company’s highly-automated systems enable it to deliver top-quality service to an ever-increasing number of customers in the largest economy in Latin America and beyond.”

Maxihost, founded in 2001, serves a diverse customer base of small- and medium-size enterprises in Brazil, as well as large enterprises from the U.S. and Europe across industries such as e-commerce, gaming, media, retail and telecommunications.

About Ubersmith

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