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Ubersmith Reports Strong 2016 Momentum

By January 17, 2017August 18th, 2022No Comments

Continued product advancements help drive new global customer growth for subscription business management software

Ubersmith, a global leader in subscription business management software for organizations of all sizes, today reported that 2016 was a year of strong progress in revenue growth, customer traction and product innovation.

The number of new logo customers in 2016 increased by 200 percent compared with the previous year and represented seven additional countries for Ubersmith. The company now serves customers in 22 countries across six continents. Ubersmith also added to its core customer base of technology companies – such as software as a service, cloud providers and data center operators – to serve new vertical markets, including energy, real estate and advertising.

The customer expansion was driven in part due to Ubersmith releasing version 4.0 of its flagship business management product in April, with advanced pricing features such as price scheduling and price history, a new user interface, responsive graphs and global event notifications, as well as enhanced CloudStack billing, quoting signature page additions and multiple support manager additions. The release has been well received by customers and the markets Ubersmith serves.

Ubersmith also made significant progress on its upcoming 4.1 release, which is expected to include new capabilities related to usage-based billing, taxes, self-installation, extensibility and other areas while planning its 4.2 release as well.

“We are defining a new category called ‘subscription business management’ where customers have a single software software for billing, quoting, provisioning, monitoring, ticketing and/or related functionality,” said Kurt Daniel, president of Ubersmith. “This offering has resonated with more customers and more verticals across more countries, and we look forward to addressing a large opportunity as more organizations shift to becoming more subscription-based and more integrated.”

In 2016, Ubersmith expanded marketing efforts in North America, Europe and Asia. The company was a feature sponsor of HostingCon North America while also participating in the 451 Group Hosting + Cloud Transformation Summit, multiple IMN (Information Management Network) Forums on Data Centers and Cloud, WHD.usa and the NY Tech Day events. Ubersmith exhibited at its first European and Asian events ever in the Netherlands and Singapore.

The company also expanded its global support operation outside of the United States to enable increased responsiveness to customers everywhere in the world.