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Ubersmith Reports Another Year of Progress in 2017

By January 12, 2018February 4th, 2021No Comments

Ubersmith - 2017 - Another Year of Progress - Blog

Ubersmith reports another year of progress which includes the addition of new customers, the launch of a new partner program, and many enhancements to the product. New customers in 2017 included Challenger Broadband, Cytranet, Dikaio Design, Element Critical, Evocative, Micro Logic, Micron21, Nodes Direct, ServOnDemand and Voxtell. Demonstrating global demand for Ubersmith’s product, the new customers are based in the U.S., Canada, Brazil, the U.K., UAE, China, South Korea and Australia.

Another milestone for Ubersmith was the launch of a new partner program. The program was launched with, Braintree, eBridge Solutions, GlowTouch, R1Soft, Schneider Electric, Thought Engineer, Vantiv, Virtuozzo and Wipro added as new partners.

In terms of product development, Ubersmith introduced a hosted version of its software software so that customers have the convenience of accessing the software without having to install and maintain it on-premises, which reduces their operating costs.

This provides customers the option to use either the hosted version or their own version of Ubersmith software on-premises in their data center.

Additional product features added during the year include: an advanced usage-based billing framework; enhanced SureTax integration; self-service trial and installation of Ubersmith’s software software; an enhanced user interface; and enhanced support for smartphones and tablets.

The Ubersmith team is looking forward to continued growth in the new year alongside new and existing customers alike.

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