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Welcome Back, Andrew

By July 21, 2020February 4th, 2021No Comments

Ubersmith - Welcome Back, Andrew Bailey

I would like to welcome Andrew Bailey back to Ubersmith. Andrew was a member of the Ubersmith support team for about two years starting in 2018 and left for a DevOps opportunity at another SaaS company. With that experience, he will once again support our customers while on a development track to transition to a full-time DevOps Engineer as our need for Operations capacity continues to grow.

In addition to his prior time at Ubersmith, Andrew has extensive experience as a storage and backup administrator at the enterprise level.  He holds two Bachelor’s degrees, one in Information Technology and the other in East Asian Studies. 

In his personal life, Andrew has a variety of hobbies. He loves to play all types of games, from board and tabletop to console and PC. As an avid calligrapher, he has a large collection of fine stationery and pens. He’s also a car enthusiast with a preference for modern Japanese imports that you just might see at your local track.

Hello again, Andrew.

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