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Ubersmith Helps PhoenixNAP Support Fast Growth

By October 20, 2016October 26th, 2020No Comments

PhoenixNAP, a global IT services provider offering cloud, dedicated server, colocation, and Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) technology solutions, uses Ubersmith software to handle billing, as well as tracking its inventory in order to help deliver affordable monthly payment options, quick response times, and a strong up-time record so its customers can surpass their technical, security, business and financial goals.

PhoenixNAP serves a diverse customer mix of medium-size enterprises with hundreds of employees up to about $500 million in revenue, as well as small-size businesses that outsource their IT operations to phoenixNAP. As a result of its customers’ diverse needs and technology evolving over time, phoenixNAP has expanded its product offerings from the colocation services of the early days to dedicated bare metal servers and into cloud services built on VMware technology.

Many of the company’s staff, including Ian McClarty, have a background working in hosting and telecommunications, and a belief that success is driven by providing superior customer service and good value.

McClarty knew from the start that he needed strong systems in place automating as much as possible to support his business and projected growth while at the same time helping to control cost. At the inception of the company in 2009, he selected Ubersmith’s software, based on his previous familiarity with the software. In its early days, phoenixNAP was doubling its customer base every year. In more recent years, as the customer base has grown, the number of customers has increased an average of 20 percent annually.

“Without automating the customer on-boarding workflow and associated billing processes, we could never have sustained those rates,” says McClarty, president, phoenixNAP.

“Today, we can bring a customer online within hours, which again is due to our automated workflows. We have been able to deliver 200 bare metal servers within 24 hours to serve customer needs.”

Today, phoenixNAP has 120 employees serving 2,400 customers with 25 percent of its business outside the U.S. The Ubersmith software software remains the backbone of phoenixNAP’s operations, handling customer subscription billing, forecast billing for the sales team, as well as tracking more than 14,000 pieces of equipment in phoenixNAP’s data centers in Phoenix, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Ashburn (Virginia) and Amsterdam for the European market.

“We have technical professionals on location 24/7 in many of our facilities so that we can respond to security, performance or scalability requests with unparalleled support,” says McClarty. “Regardless of the size of the customer’s enterprise and product they select from us, we know we can make things easy for them,” says McClarty. “We’ve done a lot of automation and integration with the Ubersmith software, along with VMware, Salesforce, CCBill for credit processing and financial reporting.”

Another way phoenixNAP leverages automation and delivers superior customer service is by taking advantage of the customizable Ubersmith portal that enables customers to view billing information online in real-time. More than 8,000 of phoenixNAP’s customer accounts access the portal to view their phoenixNAP billing information.

Whether it’s billing practices or IT operations, automation plays a key role in phoenixNAP’s promise to deliver superior customer service and good value. In the future, McClarty sees expansion into Asia with his eyes set on Singapore as a base. He also sees further expansion of the product portfolio to include more security services in the years to come. It’s a safe bet that automation will continue to play a key role in the company’s future and its mission to “Help Customers Achieve Results”.