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By June 10, 2022August 15th, 2022No Comments

The HostingAdvice website is a leading authority on the web hosting industry tracking technology news, reporting product reviews, and profiling the industry’s movers and shakers. They recently wrote an extensive article on Ubersmith based on an interview with our CEO, Kurt Daniel – How Ubersmith’s Integrated Billing and Ticketing Software Suite Allows for Streamlined Cloud and Hosting Operations.

The article provides a helpful perspective on our company’s successful history serving the hosting industry. Ubersmith’s origins trace back to its start inside the hosting company Voxel, then to INAP’s ownership for many years, and then last year spun out as an independent company inside the Lumine Group, a portfolio of Constellation Software.

Today, Ubersmith delivers a software suite that serves as the central nervous system for businesses that provides billing, customer management, support ticketing, device monitoring, and more along with over 100 integrations that users can deploy to better connect their business, infrastructure, and operations.

You’ll see some of our customers highlighted in the article – like Atlantic Metro Communications, Namecheap, PhoenixNAP, and Atlantic.Net – citing their experiences with Ubersmith. Our customers range from small startups and scale to very large public companies.

We hope you’ll take a few minutes to learn more about Ubersmith. We welcome your feedback, as always.

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