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Ubersmith DE 2.3 Release

By June 26, 2012February 4th, 2021No Comments

Ubersmith - Ubersmith DE 2.3 Release

We’re happy to announce the release of Ubersmith 2.3, which includes many awesome new features, as well as a host of fixes and improvements.

A quick highlight reel of some of the greatest and most requested features:

  • A rock star new monitoring dashboard view for any erroring devices as well as IP & VLAN utilization
  • VMWare vCloud Utility Billing Support utilizing vCenter Chargeback
  • Opcode’s Chef Node Management Integration to Manage Orchestration Automation
  • Load Balancer Monitoring for both Riverbed Stingray and Foundry ServerIron
  • Updated support for CloudStack 3.0
  • Support to redirect all users to HTTPS by default

Please Email us to schedule your individual upgrade, available immediately

Without further ado, the full list of enhancements, new features and corrections:


Client Manager:

  • vCloud Utility Billing Support via vCenter Chargeback
  • Support for exporting invoices in Comma Separated Value (.csv) format for machine-readable ingestion
  • Cart 32 credit card gateway support
  • Braintree credit card gateway support
  • Cart 32 E-Check gateway support
  • Boleto credit card gateway support
  • Provide gateway URL selection option for eWay credit card gateway to toggle the correct URL when passing CVV data is desired
  • Support for PayPal refunds directly from PayPal portal reflected in Ubersmith
  • Support for Auth reversal through  Litle gateway
  • Credits applied automatically at invoice generation can now be refunded.
  • OpenSRS SSL integration updated to use their new API.
  • Setting client’s invoice delivery method to non-email now prevents all invoice related emails from being generated.


  • Add driver for Cisco Catalyst C3750E switch devices utilizing SNMP v3
  • Add driver for Ubiquiti Networks Airgrid devices
  • Add driver for HP ProCurve 1810 switch devices
  • Add driver for APC AP8941 PDU devices
  • Add driver for Tripplite PDUMH20NET PDU devices
  • Update Extreme Summit driver to support SNMP v2
  • Support for Dell PowerEdge C Series IPMI BMC management (AST2050 BMC)
  • Support for Supermicro IPMI BMC management (version 2.09 update)
  • Enable caching on HP ProCurve 2600 device driver


  • Added API summary call to return ports and status for bandwidth monitoring modules
  • Added API summary call to return device associations for switch device modules
  • Added API access to upgrade and downgrade function in Service Plans
  • Added clarification to API documentation for ‘Billed’ field

Device Manager/Modules:

  • Brand New Monitoring Dashboard with functionality for easily tracking issues in real-time as they develop, as well as mitigating right from a single pane
  • Brand New Load Balancer Monitoring functionality with support for Riverbed Stingray and Foundry ServerIron
  • Enhanced DNS monitoring with ability to verify specific responses for custom queries, including regular expression matching
  • Chef Node Management Integration
  • Improve SolusVM to automatically populate current associated device node.
  • Improve SolusVM master node view to store most recent node in SESSION information allowing a user to be returned to the correct node upon leaving master node view.
  • Added option to select which switch ports are automatically shut during service cancellation (e.g. specifically not shutting off IPMI interfaces to allow for server reprovisioning)
  • APC 7960 PDU device driver updated to allow setting custom port labels
  • ServerTech CDU/PDU multi-branch support
  • Added option to configure whether IPMI data is displayed via the client interface
  • Increased maximum possible device height to 44U
  • Added console support for Dell iDRAC 6 Enterprise
  • Implement Domain auto-renewal fixes for OpenSRS

Order Manager:

  • Upgrade to MaxMind minfraud 1.3 which utilizes a new risk score reporting algorithm
  • Update CloudStack Provisioning Module to allow use of the Ubersmith login as username rather than just email address and to auto-generate API keys during provisioning of CloudStack accounts
  • Added option to only Notify Admins for new clients in the Order Module
  • Added option in Simple Question Order Module to allow skipping for existing clients
  • Added call to Verify Payment Order Module to ensure that PayPal payment has not been reversed in between the initial payment and when it is actually applied to an invoice
  • Added option to retrieve client IP address in the Order Module by using X-Forwarded-For headers


  • Add ‘salesperson’ and ‘account manager’ fields as Advanced Search criteria for easier client and deal management for the sales team.

Service Modules:

  • Extend Service Module framework to allow modules to create and define metadata fields
  • Added support for Cloudstack 3.0 in Service Module
  • Added support for vCloud reports to include the represented date range


  • Added option to force all users to HTTPS encrypted connections
  • Added database-backed session support to more easily manage multiple Admin web servers
  • Added MySQL index for improved performance for Service Plan options
  • Added support for proper API variable names in Service Plan groups
  • Update jQuery and jQuery UI to latest release
  • Updated CDP Agent and Server device modules to use XHR / jQuery to load summary information in the background
  • Add Argentinian Spanish (es_AR) locale
  • Update recommend minimum PHP version to 5.3.0
  • Due date column added to sent invoices report and csv output to allow for easier management of accrual based billing
  • Password character requirements are displayed upfront on the password reset page, vastly improving the user experience.

Client Manager:

  • Update EC Suite integration to pass invoice id as merchantTransactionId.
  • Daily invoicing batch is now versioned to resolve conflicts after version upgrades where the cron entries are not updated accordingly.
  • Enforce normalized country and state codes being utilized display-side also while creating or editing clients
  • Worldpay transaction ids are now stored in the correct fields regardless of whether the payment is recorded automatically or manually
  • Alipay integration now properly checks success code value in IPN posts.


  • Improve maximum port speed detection for multiple aggregated ports across all switch drivers so the maximum value is correctly determined as a sum of all member ports.

Device Manager/Modules:

  • Improve “Child Devices” display so that large numbers of child-devices are shown as a device count with a link to the full list of child devices, allowing for substantial performance gain.Pass
  • Resolved issue with Intel IPMI BMC which causes errors when not specifying IPMI privilege type when calling  power and sensor commands
  • Fixed some edge-case bandwidth monitoring issues with Xen HVM instances where SNMP was reporting bad data
  • PDU report module method now honors time stamps passed to it.
  • Resolved an issue with an occasionally hanging IPMI process
  • Resolved error with the CloudStack provisioning module when no company name is specified by utilizing first,last name in place of company
  • Bandwidth notification module now bases notification check on renewal period instead of calendar month to ensure that bandwidth utilization notices are sent on time

Order Manager:

  • Fixed Order Module Invoice Send step to apply any credits for existing accounts, rather than just credits contained within that order
  • Upgrade to latest Flexy PEAR module to resolve occasional segmentation faults with IonCube loaders
  • Simple Question Order Module now records the admin’s selected answer in addition to the text comment
  • Orders associated with a pre-existing client no longer replace the Country option when the rest of the address is not filled in
  • Update to how orders are saved to ensure all data is saved correctly during a summary call function


  • Fixed an issue in the search module whereby multiple edits in rapid succession would cause the index to get out of sync with the database, which would make deactivated clients and closed tickets show up while searching for just active clients or open tickets

Setup & Admin:

  • Increase performance of User Management by paginating large lists
  • ‘Accessible by Order Form’ field re-labeled in service plan details page in setup & admin to correctly reflect its function which is actually ‘Accessible by API’
  • Fixed issues with role inheritance and permissions not functioning as expected, as well as updating the button labels on user creation to reflect ‘Next’ rather than ‘Save’
  • Deprecated export data feature in Setup & Admin
  • Permissions fixed on add/edit service module popup to check Client Manager rather than Support Manager settings

Support Manager:

  • Added support for Audit Accounts to receive the per department ticket confirmation emails
  • Fixed issue where the Daily Ticket Summary emails would display tickets from all departments, rather than just the Departments the user has access to


  • Improve database efficiency of user logins or permission updates through better use of available indexes
  • Check for POSIX PHP module during install
  • Create an attachment helper function that shows attachment size to reduce errors
  • Update convert tables function to make recommendations and fix InnoDB availability checks
  • Updated manual ticket association logic to show a more useful default search based on client rather than email address
  • Cloudstack invoice details now display proper currency symbol.
  • Fixed issues upgrading from pre-2.0 versions due to a missing database column
  • Speed up device changelog view with an updated query that performs better with InnoDB
  • Removed pro-rated dates to improve clarity for customers to understand their pro-rated invoices
  • Fixed issue where Upgrade option weren’t correctly being displayed according to priority
  • Incoming tickets now properly sorted into departments when received via the CC field, rather than just being placed in the default department
  • Fix broken link in IP & VLAN dashboard
  • Properly handle WHMCS client products that are billed ‘Semi-Annually’.
  • Improvements to service plan data to require less information
  • Clean up Mass Email’s use of temporary storage space
  • Add ‘author’ as an expected parameter for the new Ticket API
  • Fixed issue with overlapping text in PDF invoices by updating the page break algorithm
  • Resolved issue where some non-billable tickets would be considered billable due to specific MySQL behaviors
  • Resolved errors caused by SolusVM API XML server responses being unencoded
  • Update issue in API invoicing whereby multiple brands using different currency symbols would not necessarily display the correct currency symbol for the brand on the invoice
  • Improve Ubersmith upgrade process using Chef by ensuring all proper node data is set
  • Updated QuickBooks module to truncate Service Plan names to the maximum supported characters by QuickBooks (31)
  • Fixed an error with ACH handling when a specific variable was set
  • Updated Order Mail Report to not query database directly and instead use existing functions
  • Resolved issue with percentage based coupons where the tax was being assessed on the original amount rather than the discounted amount
  • Newfoundland and Labrador state abbreviation corrected to ‘NL’.
  • Service module functions now run upon account credits being applied to service to resolve issue with events being missed when invoices were paid with credits
  • Resolved issue MySQL upgrade script performs unnecessary ALTERs
  • IP class methods declared as static to reduce strict errors being generated
  • Resolved issue where multiple brand instance, clients with queued charges were sent confirmation payment received emails from the wrong brand
  • Resolved issue with PHP versions that don’t offer late static binding
  • Fix child pack listing calls
  • Update ‘Applied Payments’ tab to show credits that were applied automatically in addition to credits applied manually
  • Resolved uncaught exception when a SolusVM is terminated
  • Credit card charge function now properly passes ‘invid’ field
  • Increased the 50 character limit on Mass Email ‘to’ addresses to 255 characters
  • Updated permissions tree view to actually reflect a user’s access level
  • Update cron jobs in Service Module to no longer run on ended services
  • Removed 255 character limit on Admin user’s signatures
  • Cleaned up some straggling PHP short tags
  • Updated tax handling to support fractional rates as well as disallow negative rates
  • Updated internal API calls to support additional commands
  • Resolved a bug whereby projected invoice send counts in the Invoice/Renewal Calendar will show incorrect results more than 1 month in the future
  • Add check to make sure BMC calls return as succeeded before using data
  • Resolved issue where invoices fail to send for services set to bill in advance that do not have a valid renewal date set
  • Added logic to ensure no duplicate logins are created by also checking against leads
  • Resolved issue where a fatal error would be generated for users logging in passing a brand switch parameter before the preferred language parameter
  • Default support recipient address setting in setup & admin now properly displays set value.