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Ubersmith Announces Referral Program for its Subscription Business Management Software

By March 28, 2018June 27th, 2022No Comments

Ubersmith announces a new program that offers financial incentives for new business referrals. The program is open to all existing customers and partners providing them with an easy way to refer others they know that can also benefit from using the Ubersmith software.

Payments will be made for 10 percent of the subscription fee up to a period of three years. Those interested can register on Ubersmith’s public website with their contact details and information about the referral opportunity. After the registration, there is a referral agreement that needs to be signed.

“We believe this is an attractive incentive, and great opportunity to be rewarded, for our customers and partners that are helping other businesses that are shifting to a subscription recurring billing model,” said Jeremy Chang, head of business development, Ubersmith. “We’ve built many great relationships over our history and been very fortunate to have many customers and partners that provide us with new business leads as a direct result of their experience with us. This program represents us formalizing what was already organically happening.”

Arman Khalili, the CEO of Evocative, LLC, which owns and operates secure, compliant, highly-available data centers, commented, “As a pay-per-use Internet services company, we rely on Ubersmith’s subscription billing to help us provide our clients with the most effective IT infrastructure, along with the ability to do forecasting for different options. Given our experience, we think highly of Ubersmith on every level – from its product software to its people and overall service – and would recommend the company, which is easier now with its referral program.”

The referral program is separate from and complements the recently announced Ubersmith partner program. It will be another option for partners if they choose to simply refer the business opportunity to Ubersmith.