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Version 4.1.2 now available

By August 3, 2017August 18th, 2022No Comments

Ubersmith - Version 4.1.2 now available

We are pleased to announce that version 4.1.2 of Ubersmith is now available. There are many new enhancements and bug fixes across the product.

Please make a note of these important notices
1) The following API methods introduced in 4.0 have been deprecated:
The 4.1.x releases will maintain support for them. They will be entirely removed from the 4.2 release.

If you are currently using one of those API methods, it is highly recommended that you start transitioning to the newly introduced client.service_price_set and client.service_price_changes_list API methods

2) The Zend Lucene search backend has been deprecated. It will be entirely removed from the 4.1.3 release.
If you are currently using this search backend, it is highly recommended that you start transitioning to the Apache Solr search backend. Contact support for assistance.

Highlights of the enhancements in this release include:


  • Optimized database schema for better performance

Client Manager

  • Added an “expand all services” button on services list page

Device Manager

  • Added support for PowerDNS 3.4
  • Added pagination to the selection of available IP addresses when adding an IP assignment (which now can show more than 50 subnets)

Support Manager

  • Emails sent by escalations are now logged in the Email Log


  • The device.list and device.get API methods now return the last known power status of a device (and its timestamp), through the last_known_power_status and last_known_power_status_ts fields

You can view the full changelog here. For assistance in upgrading, please contact