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Ubersmith Released!

By April 27, 2012October 26th, 2020No Comments

Team Ubersmith is happy to announce the release of Ubersmith, a maintenance release for our 2.2.0 version. This release includes enhancements and corrections since the 2.2.0 release, and is suggested for all Ubersmith users.


  • Braintree Gateway Support
  • Improve “Child Devices” display
  • IPMI Information Updates
  • Upgrade to latest Flexy PEAR module
  • Define get_metadata_config() in service module framework
  • Pro-rate note explanation improved
  • Add call to verify payment order module to check that PayPal payment has not been reversed.
  • Improve efficiency of contact-related ACL queries
  • Properly handle MySQL’s unusual IN() functionality
  • MySQL upgrade script performs unnecessary ALTERs
  • Truncate Service Plan names before sending them to QuickBooks


  • Role inheritance and permissions not functioning as expected
  • New administrator passwords stored in plain text by default
  • Check for POSIX php module
  • Upgrade priority is not honored in invoices
  • Tickets received when cc’d to the support manager don’t get sorted to proper department
  • Unencoded XML entities in SolusVM API server responses
  • Correct error ‘Unknown method ach_account’
  • Ensure is_client flag is passed to list_child_packs()
  • Properly handle WHMCS client products that are billed ‘Semi-Annually’.

OV101 “Enterprise” photo courtesy of Jonathan Sullivan