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Turnkey Usage Billing

By August 13, 2018August 18th, 2022No Comments

Ubersmith - Turnkey Usage Billing

We help organizations automate subscription billing, one-time billing, usage billing, and turnkey usage billing. From our customer experience over the years, we know that offering all four types of billing is a significant advantage for us and our those we serve.

I’d like to use this post to highlight Ubersmith’s turnkey usage billing capability, which we’ll refer from here on out as turnkey billing for simplicity.

We currently support turnkey billing for the following:

  • Cloud resources
  • Bandwidth
  • Virtualization resources
  • Backup data
  • Support time billing

These offerings are ideal for service providers such as cloud services and data center services companies, as well as businesses in general who are operating as internal service providers within IT.

If your company offers cloud services via OnApp or CloudStack, for example, you can bill your customers or internal groups for a wide variety of resources. For bandwidth, our module allows for many billing methods, including 95th percentile and total transfer to name just a few. In the case of virtualization, we can help you bill for any supported virtual machine resource. These are just a few examples of how we do turnkey billing.

To go a little deeper on bandwidth billing, Ubersmith connects directly to a supported switch and automatically gathers usage data to bill accordingly. This usage can then be easily exposed to your customers through our re-brandable client portal or your own custom portal. This boosts transparency, trust and self-service behavior which can increase customer satisfaction and reduce the burden on your support team, as well.

Creating your own turnkey billing solutions with Ubersmith for use cases or technologiess can be accomplished with our new plug-in system or API.

For example, if you want to build turnkey user billing as a SaaS company or turnkey AWS billing as a service provider, we have provided the platform and tools to speed your time to market and reduce the level of investment required.

We have a lot of helpful information on these topics and our subscription billing platform in general on our website and on our docs site.

I’m interested in hearing your thoughts related to turnkey billing you are already doing or planning on doing. Let me know below as a comment.

Kurt Daniel
CEO, Ubersmith

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