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To Suite or Not to Suite

By February 28, 2018February 8th, 20212 Comments

Ubersmith - To Suite or Not to Suite

Like most if not all product softwares, Ubersmith started off as a single product (non-software). First, we focused just on recurring monthly billing, and then later, merged that product with a support ticketing product which gave us the beginning of a software. Today, based on our customer needs, we’ve expanded to offer sales quoting, order management and device management as part of our software that serves subscription-based organizations of any size, anywhere in the world. Recognizing that not one size fits all, we offer our software in modules, so customers can pick and choose what they need.

Beyond our core capabilities, we also extend the reach and value of our software with integrations. Those include a range of 3rd party products for payments, accounting, tax, cloud management, virtualization, backup, hardware, security and domains, plus other areas that provide significant value for our SaaS, Cloud, Data Center, Telco/ISP, Managed Services and Enterprise customers.

Through our Module Framework and API, our customers, their vendors or our partners can take our software further with connected functionality in almost any way imaginable. Since our software delivers essential business management, our customers have been extending it for years with custom integrations. We always appreciate learning more about what they come up with and enjoy having them show us what they’ve done.

We see our product software used in different ways. Plenty of our customers just use us for subscription billing, plenty use us for all five core product components, and plenty are in between. It should be noted that even if a customer is using just billing in our software that often incorporates our product catalog, customer management, billing, payments and end customer portal capabilities in order to serve various functional user groups.

To serve emerging market needs, we are investing more in our core capabilities – including usage-based billing – plus more sophisticated billing and turnkey billing for a variety of use cases. At the same time, we are investing more across the entire software and underlying platform, while opening up as many parts of the system as possible, to further enhance the value of our software-based approach.

With that background, I’m curious to hear your thoughts on what new direct additions you’d like to see in the Ubersmith product software and what new 3rd party integrations you would most like to see over time?

Please let us know in the comments below.

Kurt Daniel, President


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