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The Shift to Off-Prem IT Assets

By February 2, 2018February 4th, 2021No Comments

Ubersmith - The Shift to Off-Prem IT Assets

The analyst firm 451 Research Group recently sent out the results to a survey called Digital Pulse: The Shift to Off-Premises. The survey covered 1,027 IT end-user decision makers who are based primarily in North America and the data was gathered in the prior quarter (Q4 of 2017).

While I was reading the summary of the survey, I was struck by how fast organizations – of all sizes – intend to move their applications and infrastructure from company-owned or leased datacenters to off-premises hosted or managed solutions. For example, organizations surveyed expect to double the off-prem percentage of total to 46% from 23% in just two years. This is quite a shift if it is to be believed.

The benefits to end-users of moving to the cloud and to hosted solutions are well known as are the risks. The cloud and hosted and related datacenter and other markets – which are already experiencing very good growth – look poised for an exceptional two years of growth if this data is to be believed. I suspect the end-users are overestimating the speed at which they will move so much of their computing to the cloud but that the overall short-term trend of rapid growth will play out.

Ubersmith has helped companies take advantage of this key computing shift since our beginning. We first offered billing software to hosting providers that were helping the first companies get online with websites, e-commerce and other earlier hosting use cases. As we have evolved, we have added other business management, infrastructure and operations software capabilities hosted by us that further help our customers and their customers take advantage of the cloud.

What do you think about this shift and the data above? How is your organization tackling your shift to the cloud. Let us know in the comments below.

Kurt Daniel
President, Ubersmith

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