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Progress and New Additions!

By August 7, 2012February 4th, 2021No Comments
Ubersmith - Progress and New Additions!
Here in the Ubersmith offices, we’ve been working like crazy on some brand new, and awesome functionality – but we’ve also been working on growing our team to support our aggressive growth and functionality plans over the next 24 months.
To that end, we’re proud to announce a few new faces to the Ubersmith team:
Sam Machiz (me!) – Coming from a hosting background, I’m really excited to dig into my new role as Director of Product Management and Business Development for Ubersmith.  I’m looking forward to getting to spend a lot of time working on helping Ubersmith solve more key problems surrounding infrastructure management, as well as accelerating growth for Ubersmith as a whole.
Nathan Goulding – An awesome developer with a decade of experience building PHP applications, as well as working as a Senior Engineer doing development of a successful cloud platform for well-known hosting company.   He’s joined Ubersmith as one of our new Lead Developers, working on some fantastic and ground breaking new features.
Sam Merwin (not me!) – Another awesome developer (go figure, we are a software company after all) with a background in design who came on as Senior Software Developer to help Nathan build our previously mentioned (but still secret) fantastic new features.  He’s spent the last few years doing PHP development, in addition to working as a Systems Engineer for several years before that.
Jesse Callaway – The embodiment of a ‘devop’, Jesse has years of Systems Engineering experience, and joined us as a Senior Engineer, and he’s going to be responsible for bridging an even closer relationship between Ubersmith DE and the infrastructure it manages.
This is, of course, just the beginning!  We have two more developers joining us later this month, that will round out the core capabilities of the Ubersmith development team.  As you can tell, we’re making a dramatic investment in the product, and really looking to enhance the capability and automation at all levels of Ubersmith DE – as well as significantly accelerating our development speed.
I’m sure you’ll be hearing a lot more from us all over the coming weeks and months as we really ramp up both our software and business development – and I really look forward to engaging with our existing customers and new prospects personally.
Until next time,