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Our New Head of Sales

By November 18, 2021November 22nd, 2021No Comments

Please join me in congratulating Nicolette Dieffenbaugher on a well-deserved promotion to Director of Business Development for Ubersmith. In this role, she will be leading all of our sales and partnership activities globally.

She joined us nearly two years ago from a customer loyalty AI tech company called Lassie and prior to that worked at a fashion, beauty and lifestyle internet company called Wheretoget. Nicolette has done a great job on everything she’s touched from partnerships, analytics and sales operations to sales development, interim marketing and recently sales.

As head of partnerships, she did a superb job working with our numerous payments, cloud, hardware and services partners around the world. Among other initiatives, she led our recent push into setting up and proving out for our customers key development partners who complement Ubersmith’s subscription management software, managed services and professional services offerings.

Our team loves working with Nicolette, and our customers and partners have enjoyed working with her as well. Among other things, she’s super positive, proactive and fast, when speed is helpful. Our parent company, Lumine, is fully behind her as well.

Nicolette and the team will be focused on bringing on more new logo customers, helping our customers get the most out of Ubersmith and maintaining very low churn for our business (our current customers have been with us for more than ten years, on average). 

She’ll ensure we’re doing everything we can to support organizations before and after adopting Ubersmith. As part of our pre-sales efforts, she’ll ensure a positive hosted or self-hosted trial experience. Regarding post-sales efforts, she’ll work closely on onboarding, growth and renewal operations with our head of products and services, Boo Van Alstyne, and our services team led by Rob Kuczynski.

This is a great move for Nicolette, our customers and our business.

Congrats, Nicolette.


Kurt Daniel, CEO

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