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Introducing Revloop

By March 7, 20222 Comments

Today, we’re pleased to reveal Revloop, an easy and flexible way to automate subscriptions, usage and billing. It’s only our second product ever, so it represents a big step forward for our company. It brings to bear all of our experience over the past twenty years.

Named from “revenue” and “loop”, which refers to a recurring customer relationship, this new product and brand join our core Ubersmith product and brand as we build on our successful history and track record in billing and related market segments. 

With our core Ubersmith offering, we have a solution that does much for many companies around the world. It’s primarily a self-hosted software product that offers billing, customer management, quoting, order management, device monitoring, help desk ticketing and a customer portal. This product is popular within the data center, cloud services, telco, MSP and SaaS segments.

With Revloop, we have built a scalable, multi-tenant SaaS solution from scratch to focus initially on billing and customer management. This product is aimed at our existing customers that value a native SaaS offering and new customers that find its core capabilities a good fit, whether they are service providers or not.

Revloop is:

  • Multi-tenant SaaS billing (subscriptions, usage, hybrid, and one-time)
  • Easy to use
  • Flexible
  • API-first

The product supports usage billing via flat rate, stairstep, tiered, and formula-based pricing.

Our team has worked hard over the past several years to architect, design, build and test Revloop while continuing to move our Ubersmith product and related service offerings forward.

For Ubersmith, we’ve recently finished our 4.6, 4.6.1 and 4.6.2 releases while introducing dozens of new, complementary managed services and professional services offerings to our customer base and the broader market. We’ve already started work on our 4.7 release as well.

We are 100% committed to both products regarding ongoing enhancements and support.

With both Ubersmith and Revloop, we’re further pursuing our vision of “subscription management for any business model, any infrastructure” while helping businesses advance their billing and related efforts both now and in the future.

You are invited to learn more at

Kurt Daniel

CEO, Ubersmith


  • Stephen says:

    Can you please publish some API documentation and a list of integrations? The available information is a bit meager and my technical team would like to compare it to other solutions. We are not ready for a full-on demo yet. Thank you.

    • Christy Joo says:

      The API and its documentation will be available very soon, but as the system has been designed API-first, you can assume that every functionality available in the user interface will be available through the API, including a few extra functionalities such as feeding usage-related data to subscriptions.

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