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Improve Datacenter Management and Billing

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What is Datacenter Management?

Datacenter management is the process of monitoring, managing, and operating a data center with the help of manual and automated services, techniques, and tools. This process provides insights into the status of your data centers. Tracking real-time, specific metrics allows for sending alerts when those metrics do not comply with a healthy operation of your services. This ensures the key functions of your data center are delivered uninterrupted and without abnormalities.

Everything can be monitored, from the entire warehouse down to a single outlet.

Improve uptime

By monitoring the essential functions, services, and infrastructure of your data center, Data Center Management solutions will verify the status of your equipment, report on any sudden shifts, uncover hidden trends, and notify you if any thresholds are violated as soon as possible. Proactive alerts give you time to react before failures have a chance to impact users and/or services.

Most Datacenter Management Solutions improve utilization and planning

Allocate new servers and racks in minutes with the option to quickly model spaces for IT and facilities equipment. Connectivity diagrams will allow your team to plan ahead and manage the relationships between IT equipment and critical infrastructure with just a few clicks.

Most Datacenter Management Solutions increase energy efficiency

Picture this: automated data collection from IT loads and non-IT loads. You will be able to immediately calculate and view your trends of Power Usage Effectiveness across all your data centers so you can comply with corporate sustainability and energy requirements and initiatives.

Most Datacenter Management Solutions improve employee productivity

An integrated and automated workflow management system will help your team easily make reservations, changes, moves, and additions. Additional features like process assurance, tracking, and audit trails increase employee productivity immensely.

The Ubersmith Datacenter Management Solutions also improve billing and more

Our Ubersmith product includes many features that are both datacenter-specific and essential to the industry, such as automated power billing and automated bandwidth billing. Data centers can utilize the full functionality of the product: subscription usage billing, sales quoting, provisioning, monitoring, and support ticketing out of the box. 

In order to integrate with their existing systems, organizations can choose to use the API with its extensive and clear documentation. The comprehensive nature of our solutions means that teams throughout the data center can use the product for a better customer experience.

Some of our other features include:

  1. Monitoring up/down status and tracking bandwidth
    Our device integration and monitoring help you track your IT infrastructure. If something goes down, our system can notify your staff and the client. Our appliance server can track the bandwidth usage on each port.
  2. Remote reboot integration
    In addition to monitoring the status of individual power ports, our system allows users to power cycle any of their devices. Your customers can be granted self-service access.
  3. Server-level statistic monitoring
    Our system can monitor your network at the individual server level. Keep track and set limits on things like disk usage, memory usage, and CPU load. Help your staff head off warnings before they become real-life problems for your customers.

We can help improve your Datacenter Management

Reach out via to find out more about how Ubersmith can help you make your Datacenter Management more successful.

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