Frequently asked questions about
the Ubersmith solution

How is Ubersmith installed?

Ubersmith can be hosted on your own local servers or anywhere in the cloud. Ubersmith utilizes Docker to easily automate the process down to a few simple commands. Further details about Ubersmith’s system requirements and installation process can be found here

What hardware is supported by Ubersmith?

Ubersmith’s Device Manager has built-in integrations with numerous types of networked hardware like Switches, PDUs, Environmental Monitors and Load Balancers. Monitor your devices’ uptime and health while tracking usage. Take a look at the full list of supported hardware here.

Which payment gateways are supported by Ubersmith?

Ubersmith supports over 60 major payment gateways including Authorize.net and Vantiv for credit cards, Sage Virtual Check and Chase Paymetech for ACH transactions and PayPal, Worldpay and Alipay for all others.  Take a look at the full list available here.

Do you integrate with “product xyz”?

For more information on our integrations, visit the integrations page.

How do I schedule my clients to be invoiced?

Clients in Ubersmith can have their invoices scheduled based on one of two methods. The first ‘monthly’ option lets you specify the day of the month on which they should be billed every month. Do you want every client to be invoiced on the 1st of the month? Easily done. The second ‘daily’ option bases the billing schedule off of the renewal dates of the services themselves. Do you have a client with numerous services who needs to receive multiple invoices per month? We’ve got that covered, too.

How does Ubersmith track bandwidth usage information and bill for overages?

The Ubersmith software is made up of two parts. First, the Ubersmith Core server(s) runs the main UI and billing engine. Second, the Ubersmith Appliance server(s) does all of the heavy lifting of device monitoring and tracking. Once a network switch is configured in the Device Manager, Ubersmith can associate each port with a particular client facing device and will begin tracking usage for each. Come the end of the month, Ubersmith’s Bandwidth Billing service module totals up each client’s usage and determines the dollar value of any overage and includes it in their invoice fully automatically.

How are tickets in the Support Manager automatically associated with their account in the Client Manager?

In addition to the primary email address associated with client accounts, Ubersmith can store any number of additional addresses as authorized contacts for each. Once added, any email that is received from an ‘authorized contact’ by Ubersmith’s support manager will be automatically associated with their client account, saving your support staff time and reducing the amount of time the client waits for a solution to their problem.

Do you host?

Not currently, but we have plans to do so. Ubersmith is self-hosted. System requirements can be found here.

Do you help migrate data?

Yes, we can. This would entail a professional services fee, but we are happy to go over the scope of your project with you. We also have partners that specialize in data migration that have worked with us and our customers for years. Additionally, dependent on your current billing solution, we have import tools that enable you to migrate data in a self-serve manner.

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