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Evocative Partners with Ubersmith

By August 8, 2017October 26th, 2020No Comments

Evocative Partners with Ubersmith to Offer a Full Business Management Software Suite and Support Company’s Fast Growth.

Evocative, LLC, a leading provider of secure Internet infrastructure solutions, today announced that it has partnered with Ubersmith, Inc. to provide its enterprise data center clients with a robust billing and business management software solution for its data centers and hosting solutions. This will enable Evocative clients to easily scale their IT infrastructure and implement a hybrid cloud environment designed specifically for their needs.

Evocative serves a diverse customer base ranging from startups to large publicly traded enterprises. Because of its customers’ diverse needs and technology evolving over time, Evocative has expanded its product offerings from the colocation services of the early days to managed hosting and full private cloud services and hybrid IT solutions.

Many of the company’s staff, including its CEO, Arman Khalili, and CTO, Edward Buck, have backgrounds that span decades working in the hosting and telecommunications industries, and believe that success is driven by providing superior customer service, high integrity, high availability and great value backed by strong technical competence.

Khalili and Buck knew from the start that they needed strong systems in place, automating as much as possible to support their business and projected growth while at the same time helping to control cost.   In previous companies, they have written custom applications supporting their business.  After the acquisition of Evocative earlier this year, they selected Ubersmith’s business management software, based on their previous familiarity with the software.  Ubersmith provides the perfect foundation and extendibility to build on.

With Ubersmith, they can provide their customers immediate access to a portal that enables clients to view and automate billing, order online, manage and monitor services and provides for self-service support.   The software softwares enable Evocative to develop custom application for future services such as on demand power billing and usage-based billing for compute resources.

“Clients want their IT problems solved. Today it’s cloud and colocation billed on a monthly or hourly basis (kW/hr), 20 years from now it might be billed on an annual or per minute basis (kW/min). We have the foundation to provide these services now and for years to come,” stated Arman Khalili, Evocative CEO.

“We worked with Arman Khalili in his previous companies and are thrilled that he selected us as their vendor of choice for their billing and business management software solution,” stated Kurt Daniel, Ubersmith President.

Headquartered in Emeryville, CA, Evocative operates secure, high availability data centers in the heart of Silicon Valley. The company’s fully customizable data center services include colocation, hybrid IT, managed private cloud, dedicated hosting, and network and security services.