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End of Year Review

By December 16, 2021No Comments

Ubersmith - Company IllustrationThis year was a special year for all of us at Ubersmith, and we hope it was a successful year for all of you. As you may know, we sold our company to the Lumine Group on July 1 following more than two decades of ownership by Voxel and then INAP. 

While much of the year was focused on selling the company and integrating it within Lumine, we were able to accomplish a lot outside of this major event as well.

In 2021, we accomplished the following:

  • Our company sale from INAP to the Lumine Group within Volaris and ultimately Constellation Software (worth $37B)
  • The Ubersmith version 4.6 product launch, including integration with, opening our Plugin Framework for payments and a new experience for users on mobile devices
  • A Managed Services launch, including new services offerings for installs, upgrades and patch management plus planned offerings for configuration, monitoring, security and other areas
  • A Professional Services launch, including new services offerings spanning custom training, reports, scripts, queries, development and migration
  • Customer and partner announcements with 1GServers, Abusix,, Devtech, OnApp and PayPal 
  • Thought leadership on subscriptions and consumption / hybrid billing as well as the cloud, virtualization and data centers
  • Setup of a fully dedicated finance function for the first time in Ubersmith’s history
  • Hiring and promotions involving team members in development, sales and services
  • New security and compliance initiatives

These advancements and others helped strengthen our company, our products and services, our position within the market, our customer and partner relationships, our team and our overall business. In October, we celebrated our 19th birthday since our incorporation in 2002, and next year will be our 20th. 

Our team recently finalized our plan for next year and set some exciting but achievable long-term goals through the year 2028, a full seven years from now. This is longer than we’ve formally planned for before. We look forward to sharing more about these plans with you soon and how they will benefit you if you are a customer or partner of ours.

The team did a fantastic job throughout the year. They worked hard before and after the acquisition, and we hope it was felt by our customers and others with whom we work externally. 

Thanks from all of us for another year of progress together, and stay safe as we all look forward to a new year of opportunity in 2022. We would love to hear more about how this past year went for you, and we wish you the best for the coming year and beyond.

Kurt Daniel

CEO, Ubersmith

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