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Community Energy Solar

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Renewable Energy


Radnor, PA

Use Case:

Recurring Billing, Better Customer Experience

How we helped

Comprehensive Customer Experience

End-to-end customer lifecycle management

Increased Flexibility in Tracking Revenue

Customizable solution that addresses different billing scenarios

Increased Efficiency Of Support Staff

Easy-to-use and accessible reporting

Innovative and Adaptive Solution

Extensible product features that evolve with company growth

Increased Productivity

Automatically generated invoices


Community Energy has been pioneering renewable energy development and marketing for 17 years. Since its inception in 1999, Community Energy has led the development, financing, and construction of over 1,400 MW of renewable energy facilities.

“The Ubersmith product has evolved with us as our company’s business model has changed. The product provides comprehensive reporting and the highest-level of customer life-cycle management which allow our accounting and customer support teams to function at optimal levels.“

Jay CarlisExecutive Vice President, Origination

The Challenge

Community Energy was founded on the principle of always putting the customer experience first. The company prides itself in being able to meet a wide range of client needs-from small businesses to county and state government to utilities, universities, and homes.

With their expertise and the support of local communities, the company developed and built some of the first wind power facilities in New Jersey, New Hampshire, Illinois, and Missouri. The company also developed the first utility-scale solar projects in Colorado, Georgia, Minnesota, and Virginia. As the company expanded with some of the country’s largest solar projects, Community Energy needed a business management system that could be flexible enough to provide the highest quality of customer service while at the same time meeting the unique billing needs of all constituents.

The Solution

The Ubersmith product was the perfect solution that provided Community Energy with a system that allowed the company to deliver a cohesive and consistent customer experience and to accommodate their diverse set of customers.

Ubersmith delivered a solution that could be customized from the backend as needed. With the product’s real-time usage and reporting capabilities, the company could meet the diverse, unique and often complex needs of its client base. Ubersmith’s complete billing reporting capabilities have also helped Community Energy’s accounting department conduct necessary real-time quarterly and annual audits.

The Results

Ubersmith’s automated billing function saves time and money. In particular, the recurring invoice and payment automation allows the accounting department to work more efficiently by being able to dedicate efforts and focus resources where they are needed the most. Integrations with industry-leading payment partners also make it convenient for Community Energy’s customers to easily manage and pay their invoices.

The comprehensive reporting and statistics capabilities found in Ubersmith give insight into all aspects of Community Energy customer’s billing and usage with dozens of essential built-in reports. Additionally, the Ubersmith product has evolved with Community Energy as its markets, service offerings, and business model have evolved over time.