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Announcing Ubersmith 3.2

By December 15, 2014August 15th, 2022No Comments

Ubersmith - Announcing Ubersmith 3.2

The Ubersmith Team is proud to announce the release of version 3.2 today. With additional features for every module in Ubersmith, version 3.2 is designed to help you manage your business and support your customers more efficiently.
Ubersmith 3.2 is available now. Contact our sales or support team more information.

Why Upgrade?

Your support staff’s time is valuable. With custom automated ticket escalation triggers and the option to screen tickets, your support team will never miss an important ticket – or waste time reviewing nonessential ones. We’ve also added configurable custom ticket categories, so you can better manage and tailor your customer’s support experience.

Maximize your revenue with minimum effort. Ubersmith 3.2 offers even more advanced billing automation. We’ve added automated pro-rated billing upon cancellation, giving your customers a smooth end of life transition, and proration for post-renew services, allowing you to adapt to the growing demand for variable periods of usage-based billing.

You should be able to manage your customers’ experience continuously between departments, and we are constantly enhancing our support and billing integration. Ubersmith now allows you to bill more precisely on the granular level of per post.

Let your sales team focus on selling. Global Upgrade Options let you change prices quickly across your brand and plans. Rate plans can be customized based on location, currency, or term, so your sales team can focus on closing deals, not clicking numbers.

Knowledge is power. We’re particularly excited to announce our new Connection Manager. This new module allows you to track and manage physical connections between your devices, including hops and cross connects. With more knowledge in your hands, you can drill down, sort, or export any level of your device information from port associations to service tags to keep track of your customers and your business as they grow.

Do it all your way. Ubersmith has always been built for extensibility and integration. Our REST API now allows you to manage ticket timers and service plans so you can leverage the full power of Ubersmith throughout your business. You can also call the API internally, and request alternative output formats for greater functionality by your developers.

Your security—and your customers’— is paramount. Ubersmith has always been dedicated to keeping your customers’ information secure. Version 3.2 is fully validated as PA-DSS Compliant with the security standards created by the PCI SSC (Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council).

A full changelog can be found here.

Contact our sales team now to see you how Ubersmith 3.2 can improve your business management.