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A Valued Partnership: Atlantic.Net & Ubersmith

Ubersmith - Company IllustrationUbersmith has had a successful decades-long partnership with Atlantic.Net, and we were pleased to announce some details of our relationship in our recent press release together. 

Atlantic.Net has blogged in more detail on their website about the evolution of their company and their strategic usage of Ubersmith. 

Here is a quote from their blog post:

“Why Choose Ubersmith? Accurate billing is a cornerstone of building a successful data center services business. It might sound simple to just bill your customer, but in reality, it is an extremely complex task to undertake, especially for a company like Atlantic.Net who manages ten of thousands of customers globally.

What makes cloud computing so popular is the flexibility of costs, Ubersmith empowers Atlantic.Net to bill accurately for the compute, network, and storage usage of our customers. Ubersmith creates fast, accurate, and automated billing down at a finite level. It is easy to apply our pay-as-you-go model costings, or automatically assign one or three-year discount offerings.

Our customers benefit because they can predict the recurring billing costs and can pay with a large number of payment options. We highly recommend Ubersmith and no matter what business you are running, make sure you are billing your customers.”

We invite you to read the rest of the post here: 

You can also check out their solutions for VPS, Dedicated Hosting, and Compliance

Thanks to the Atlantic.Net team for sharing their story!

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