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A Quarter in at Lumine

By October 25, 2021June 27th, 2022No Comments

It’s now been a full calendar and fiscal quarter since we were acquired by the Lumine Group on July 1, 2021. In this post, I wanted to share a summary of some of the things that have happened since then for our customers and for our team at Ubersmith.

 After we closed, we immediately made external and internal announcements by both Ubersmith and Lumine. Our team took the news well and was excited. It was great to see so much support coming from our customers, partners, analysts and others. Our customers, in particular, appreciated that we would no longer be owned by a parent company that competed directly with many of them in the data center and cloud services markets.

 There was quite a list of onboarding sessions that various members of our team did with Lumine. These were important to set the foundation right for how we move forward under our new ownership. As part of these, we were exposed to many helpful best practices. I appreciate how open my team was to learning about them and putting them to work as soon as possible to help benefit our customers, our team and our business. We’ve also had the opportunity to contribute some of our own best practices with the group, which was earlier than expected. 

 We set up dedicated finance, HR and legal resources to replace what we had regarding shared services from our previous parent company, INAP. In this sense, Ubersmith is finally a complete company in all aspects for the first time in its existence. This is a big deal for our team and will help us drive the business in the best way possible from now on.

 While pushing our product forward during the quarter, we have been able to formalize our managed services and professional services efforts while creating many new offerings for each. In late September, we publicly announced the new Managed Services offerings. We expect to provide details on our new professional services offerings soon as well.

 Additional areas we have focused on include new security initiatives and systems, new financial and other reporting and a new compliance system and process. Importantly, we’ve been able to keep our company brand and quite a bit of flexibility in terms of how we lead, manage and operate Ubersmith overall. We’ve gotten faster, not slower.

 While it’s been a strongly positive experience overall so far, perhaps the most enjoyable aspect has been the networking and new relationships we’ve gained across Lumine and its many other portfolio companies. These relationships are typically at the manager or executive level, but the entire team at Ubersmith has been able to benefit from them.

 If you have any comments related to our acquisition, I’d love to hear them here, through your main Ubersmith contact (if it’s not me) or via our website Contact Us form. 


Kurt Daniel
CEO, Ubersmith

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