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A New Chapter for Ubersmith

By July 1, 2021July 8th, 2021No Comments

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Today, we are announcing that Ubersmith has been sold to the Lumine Group, which is part of Constellation Software (a publicly traded company currently worth approximately $30 billion). We will carry forward the Ubersmith brand, and our full team will continue forward as well. At this time, we also look backward and want to thank our most recent owner INAP as we appreciate everything they did to support our growth and progress over the past nine years.

This new arrangement will be great for our customers, partners, vendors and team members. Importantly, Lumine Group focuses on software just as Ubersmith does. Further, they do not directly compete with our customers like our previous parent company did, so we are excited to remove any tension that may have created. Lumine is excited about Ubersmith’s product direction and will be highly supportive of our team and our vision going forward.

As part of a highly successful and much larger organization, we will experience a strong tailwind while we continue to pursue our vision of subscription management for any business model / any infrastructure and our mission of helping businesses advance their billing and related efforts. Our team is passionate about subscriptions, the cloud and our customers, and so is our new parent company.

While we have been successfully serving subscription businesses – including cloud/hosting providers, data center companies, managed service providers, telcos, ISPs, SaaS companies and others – for more than two decades (in more than a dozen countries), there is always more we can do to add value with our products, services, partnerships and overall solutions in the global markets we serve. Lumine helps us get there faster.

We’re excited about our new owner for a number of reasons, including the access we gain to their large and deep ecosystem of customers and partners, the established best practices they’ve developed working across all of their portfolio companies and their buy-and-hold forever strategy. On a personal level, we’ve loved working with them to date. They have a really interesting model, and we can’t wait to tell you more.

On behalf of our entire team, thanks for being part of our story so far – from 1999 until now – and thanks for being part of our story going forward. This moment would not have been possible without all of you, and we very much value the relationships we have with all of you. 

Feel free to ask any of us any questions you may have about our new chapter. We look forward to supporting you and partnering with you going forward.


Kurt Daniel, CEO


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