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5 Essentials for a Strong Customer Relationship

By July 14, 2020February 8th, 2021No Comments

Ubersmith - 5 Essentials for a Strong Customer Relationship

1. Say the right things at the right time

Subscription models look for long-term and mutually beneficial relationships with clients.  It is all about building an ongoing connection. Choosing a subscription model gives you the unique opportunity to provide constant value and support leveraging personalized data and feedback.

By having the chance to really get to know a customer and their frustrations, desires and fears, subscription-based organizations can laser focus on delivering the right message at the right time to the right client.

2. See them as individuals, not an audience

One of the best things about subscription-based models is a pool of behavioral metrics you can leverage and use. This allows you to tailor your marketing and communication to the exact wishes and desires of your customers. 

Take time to thoroughly analyze your data. Get to know your customers, their backgrounds, their desires, frustrations, fears and desires. With the right data and the right automation tools, you can easily provide customized content for different segments and different actions.

3. Exceed expectations

Every business should know its industry baseline expectations. These expectations are usually set by industry standards, and sometimes even by laws or regulations. Then, by understanding your customer and what he or she cares about, you can define a strategic position for your business and pick specific areas for overperformance.

Exceeding expectations in every field can be a daunting task and put a lot of strain on your organization. But when you know which fields matter most to your clients and which field they care less about, you make exceeding expectations efficient and realistic. Being in touch with your customers on a daily basis, collecting data and learning more about them every day will put you ahead of the competition when it comes down to overdelivering.

4. Share knowledge and get feedback

Keep your customers informed on everything that is going on and you save yourself a lot of trouble when readjustments or changes take place. Managing expectations is often sometimes more important than exceeding them, especially within a subscription-based model. Having the amount of data and understanding you have of your customers, you might continually be improving on products, pricing strategies and offerings in different markets or consumer groups, figuring out what works and whatnot.

Keeping your customer base informed is not only important it also has the added value of early feedback! When done smartly, you receive feedback about upcoming changes and implement these before the initial change has taken place.

5. Show appreciation

Fact: happy customers are more likely to come back for more. Happy customers tell their friends. Happy customers bring more revenue to your business. You better make your customers happy!

Show customer appreciation by identifying your customers’ wants and needs and act on those. But if you don’t genuinely care, your efforts won’t matter. Be bespoke and personal in your approach. Then go all-in and be wholeheartedly excited about their success or accomplishments. Surprise top customers offer loyalty discounts, VIP upgrades, experiences and more. 

We can help strengthen your client relationships

We offer seamless, integrated subscription management tools in the cloud. Leveraging subscription data will allow you to understand the wants and needs of your customers, and proactively respond. Reach out via to find out more about how Ubersmith can help you make a success of your subscription model.

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